Monday, April 6, 2009

Gmail Goes offline

Google recently announced that it's making an offline version of its Gmail e-mail service available. The new feature will be initially available to users of its Google's Apps online suite of productivity applications, which includes Gmail. With offline access, Gmail users will be able to launch the program from an Internet browser to view and respond to e-mails as well as create new ones. However, the e-mails will remain in Outbook until the user is connected online at which point the application sends them automatically. Although not connected to send or receive e-mails, offline Gmail users will also still be able to perform other standard functions of the program such as "starring," or marking individual e-mails considered a priority for viewing later.
 E-mails that are starred in Gmail can be viewed as a list, separate from all other e-mails. The offline Gmail is built on Google's Gears platform, which has already been used to enable offline access to Google Docs, Google Reader and other third-party Web applications.


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