Monday, June 20, 2011

Go Inside Search to get the most out of Google

On Tuesday, we held a media event in San Francisco to introduce new and faster ways to search using your voice, an image or Instant Pages. We also launched Inside Search, a new website that hosted a live stream of the event. Inside Search contains a wealth of information about search and we wanted to let you know more about it.

When providing detailed information about a new search feature, we often link to an official landing page from the blog post (such as this one for Google Instant or this one for Google Images with sorting). Since there wasn’t one central place you could find all that information, we created a one-stop shop for all search-related features, tips and tricks. Thus, following the release of the new Inside Search blog, we bring you a deeper look Inside Search.

Whether you’re a beginner to web search or a search master, you’ll find all the search shortcuts you need under the Features section of the site. For example, most people don’t realize that the Google search box is a calculator, a world clock and a unit converter. You can also discover tips like how to use translated sites to search for [crepe recipes] on French sites or how to use an asterisk in a phrase or question so Google can fill in the blanks.
In addition, if you ever wonder how search takes your query and delivers results, you can use Inside Search to get an under-the-hood look at the technology behind Google Search. There are interactive diagrams with information on how far every query has to travel to get an answer back to you, how often we run experiments (we ran over 6000 in 2010 alone), how much time has gone into developing the algorithm and more. We’ve also included the Search Globe, an interactive display of searches around the world, on this page.

Inside Search also takes advantage of HTML5 to create a more interactive experience throughout the site, so instead of just clicking to read a list of search facts, you can do something a little more fun, like pick up a test tube with your mouse and pour the solution onto the Google homepage to reveal interesting facts about search:

Finally, be sure to visit the Playground section of the site. There, you can try your hand at theA Google a Day trivia game, browse our gallery of past Google doodles and be on the lookout for new fun additions coming soon.

To learn new search tips, get a behind-the-scenes look at Google technology or find out more information about the announcements from Tuesday’s event, visit the new site at


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