Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Google Friends Newsletter - May 2011 without powertip

Hello Google Friends. We hope you enjoy this month’s update on our newest products and services.

More movies on YouTube

More than 3,000 full-length feature films from major Hollywood studios
are now available on YouTube. Watch one of the hundreds of free movies
available, or rent blockbuster new releases like The King’s Speech,
The Green Hornet or Despicable Me. Many movie pages feature YouTube
Movie Extras: free behind-the-scenes videos, cast interviews,
parodies, clips and remixes from YouTube’s community of content

Music Beta by Google

With Music Beta, you can upload your personal music collection to a
single library, even if it's scattered across multiple computers. You
can listen from the web or any enabled device with the Music app from
Android Market. Playlists are automatically kept in sync, and you
don't have to worry about cables, file transfers or running out of
storage space. The songs you've recently played will automatically be
available offline and you can also select the specific albums, artists
and playlists you want to have available when you're not connected.
With Instant Mix, you can automatically build new playlists of songs
from your collection. Music Beta is currently available by invitation
in the U.S.


Chromebooks are a new type of computer based on the Chrome OS
(operating system). There’s no software or desktop—everything is done
within the browser. Chromebooks launch in seconds, are resistant to
viruses and require no maintenance. The first Chromebooks from our
partners, Samsung and Acer, will be available online June 15th in the
U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, and Spain.

Google Advisor

Google Advisor helps you quickly find relevant financial products from
many providers and compare them side-by-side. Enter information about
what you’re looking for in a mortgage, credit card, CD, checking or
savings account and receive a list of offers that match your criteria,
along with rates and contact information. Google Advisor is currently
available in the U.S.

New features for Google News

With expandable stories in Google News, you can easily browse the
moment’s top stories, and access diverse perspectives. Each story box
is collapsed down to one headline, except for the top story. When a
headline grabs your attention, click to expand and view related videos
and photos as well as related articles marked according to genre, like
“Opinion” or “In Depth.”

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