Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boost your AdSense revenue with improved ad styles

By making your ads more visible for users, you can increase your click through rate and ultimately your AdSense revenue. Base the colour design of your ad units on one or more of the three basic techniques: Blend, Complement or Contrast (see below). We’ve found through working with publishers that ads with light coloured borders or no borders at all perform best.

When choosing colours, also take the position of your ad units into consideration: If an ad is well integrated into your site’s content, blending the ads can underline the feeling of contextual relevance. For an ad unit which is further away from the main content, more contrasting colours can help catching the user’s attention. If you have a website with repeat visitors, you might want to switch the ad colours occasionally to avoid ad blindness. Remember, the goal isn't to confuse users into thinking ads are content, but to get users to see and read the ads so they can click on those that interest them.

Optimise your ad styles today

We've also recently launched an improvement to our default font settings. For each ad unit that's set to show the default font face and font size, our system will now automatically show the best-performing option. You can find more information about this improvement in our Inside AdSense blog.


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