Thursday, March 17, 2011

Future filmmakers, talk show hosts, sportscasters and media executives: a new school for you

The media world is changing: from how we produce, distribute and consume content to how we categorize different genres – from film to sports to news. Moreover, because of the insane number of megapixels on our phones, savvy friends, and online tools, everyone’s a content creator now - not just the major studios that you hear about on TV. Whether you're capturing your first film, producing your school's talk show, riding the side line commentary of the game, or "flip cam-ing" your friend's (most) embarrassing moment on a Friday night, you’re making content.

Often, many of us have greater aspirations to turn these content creation hobbies into careers –from being media executives to award-winning writers or actors. Some of us are given opportunities to hone our skills, but many of us aren’t. We may simply lack opportunities to explore our content aspirations or, if we already have exposure, may want to extend our skills even more. And even more often, a lot of us just don't know where to start.

To help nurture the world's next generation of leading creators, we've created the YouTube Creator Institute, a new school for all kinds of content creators. We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading film and television universities to put together this new series of media programs. Based both on YouTube and onsite at the campuses of our institutional partners, participants will learn from a unique new media curriculum, apply new media tools, find out how to build their audiences, be promoted globally on the YouTube platform, and engage with industry leaders and experts. Participants will learn everything from story arcing to cinematography, money-making strategies to social media tactics. The wider YouTube community will be able to learn along the way, too, by following the rise of the YouTube Creator Institute’s inaugural class on YouTube this summer. Oh, and it’s all paid for.

The inaugural YouTube Creator Institute programs begin in the United States in May this year.

The University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts is the country’s first film school and regarded as one of the leading schools in the world, with an alumni base of industry leaders and an array of notable accolades. The YouTube-USC Creator Institute takes place from May 25 until June 22 in Los Angeles, CA.

Columbia College Chicago’s Television Department has been innovating around new online media strategies for years, with students creating award-winning web-isodes while investigating new opportunities in the online space. The YouTube-Columbia College Chicago Creator Institute begins on May 31 and ends on July 22 in Chicago, IL.

Any U.S. citizen over 18 is welcome to apply, and candidates may apply online at from now until midnight on March 25. Applications include two short answer questions and a maximum two-minute demonstration of the creator’s craft, whether it be a short film, a clip of a personal cooking show, or a snapshot of a nature expedition (please make sure that you don’t exceed the 2 minute limit!). Afterwards, the YouTube community will vote for two weeks between March 29 and April 8 for their favorite creators. The top-voted candidates will move on to the final round, where our film and television school partners will choose the inaugural class for each of their programs, which will be announced on April 20 at more about the application and judging criteria.

Whatever kind of content creator you are, we welcome you to join us this summer! Apply now!

Source:G-Students Blog


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